Mary Walsh

Women Who Break the Rules

June Shelton is bored. Her life consists of floating between parties in her native Boston, engaging uninteresting young men in conversations, and secretly reading romance novels in the hopes that something exciting will happen to her. When her maid and good friend, Violet, suggests she run away to Arizona, she barely hesitates. With her money, wits, and absent parents, there is nothing to stop her. June and Violet arrive in Arizona just in time to see her best friend, Sarah, marry her childhood heartthrob, but it isn’t their joy that so intoxicates June. It’s the handsome man standing next to them at the alter who sets her plans in motion.


Will Colter stood fidgeting next to his brother at the alter trying to figure out why any man would lose his mind and marry such a cantankerous girl as Sarah. Then a scuffle at the back of the church turns his mind, heart, and feet to mush when the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen walks into his life. His mind tells him to take a quick run for the border and get as far away from June as possible, but a promise to his brother to look after the beautiful blonde alters his plans.


Will soon learns there’s more to June than just beauty. June is starved for adventure and attention, two things he finds impossible to deny her. As June ticks through the list of things she wants to do, Will is drawn in by both the desire to see her happy and his own building desire to possess her. When June’s brother arrives to take her home, Will is forced to decide his own future. Will he run for the border, or stay and fight for June’s heart?


Copyright 2017  Mary Walsh