Mary Walsh

Women Who Break the Rules

Meg Gordon, determined to save her family ranch from bankruptcy and a ruthless killer, puts her life in the path of danger hoping her wits and temper will win out. Trent, a stranger dressed in black, is looking to finish a job, find a young girl, and collect his earnings, but will he risk it all to save the woman he loves? As Meg learns the truth about the stranger, will she succumb to his passionate embrace and tempting kisses, or will she make a deal with the devil to save her land?


What a great story filled with mystery, danger and romance. Meg is one strong, kick butt woman. Trent is a strong, protective man, which makes them perfect for each other. With the other characters in the story, you get a bit more mystery to round out the story and make it a very enjoyable

~Coffee Time Romance


Copyright 2017  Mary Walsh