Mary Walsh

Women Who Break the Rules

Sarah Gordon grew up riding the range and riding hell on the men around her. Sent to Boston to gain culture and education, her intelligence and daring spirit become the brains behind her Grandfather's investments taking the Gordon's from poverty to wealth. But with wealth, comes trouble. Just as she has the men of Boston eating out of her hand, the heartthrob of her youth, Josh, arrives in town to mess with her plans, and her heart.


Josh Colter, arrives in Boston to escort Sarah home, a mission he does not relish. To his surprise, the brass, scrawny girl of thirteen has turned into a stunning beauty with the poise and intelligence to handle herself. Josh soon learns that getting Sarah to do anything she doesn't want to do is a tall order. As danger throws them into each other's arms, can Josh complete his mission against the one person who could tempt his heart?


Copyright 2017  Mary Walsh